SuperBuddy is the first on-demand grocery delivery service in the Netherlands. You can order groceries from Albert Heijn, Jumbo or EkoPlaza via, and these will be delivered the same day at your home at a time which suits you. SuperBuddy can deliver within 2 hours, which means that you will never have to wait long for your groceries.

Laurens van Geffen – co-founder of SuperBuddy:

“In Rotterdam, we work together with Albert Heijn on a new trial for getting groceries to the customers at home even more quickly, the Rappie delivery service. To transport the groceries as quickly as possible through Rotterdam, we make use of Centaur Cargo cargo bikes.  Delivery often takes place in the busy heart of Rotterdam, so an electric cargo bike is ideal for this purpose.

We use 10 Cargo Trike Swings, allowing us to move through the city quickly and easily for delivering both small and large orders.  Delivery within 2 hours, wherever the customer wants to have the goods delivered. We have been using the cargo bikes for almost a year and we have a pleasant and professional working relationship with Centaur. We regularly discuss possibilities for improving and developing the bikes and it is our joint goal to develop the perfect delivery bike for SuperBuddy.”