A Cargo Bike, Cargo Trike or perhaps the Trike Swing? Different bikes with several box options. But how do you choose the perfect cargo bike for your needs? You can choose a cargo bike based on different needs: the volume of your goods, the type of bike which your colleagues find most comfortable, the type of pedal assistance or the appearance.


If you need to transport a small volume of goods, then the Cargo Bike is the best choice. This bike functions pretty much like a normal bike. You will need to balance the bike yourself with a Cargo Bike. Higher volumes may make the bike too cumbersome for some users. With higher volumes, a Cargo Trike XL or Trike Swing would be a better choice. The stability of a three-wheeler allows you to handle the bike easily.


A Cargo Bike has two wheels and cycles as you would expect a city bike to move, except the turning point on the front wheel is a little further forward. When cycling and stopping, you need to take the weight in the box into consideration. You will also place this bike on a stand yourself.
You need to learn to cycle on a Cargo Trike because this handles differently from your standard bike. You use your arms to steer the box and the wheels. You can always remain seated on this bike, so you can cycle away easily after stopping at traffic lights, for example. The bike can easily be stopped using a parking brake.
A Cargo Trike Swing is a combination between the Cargo Bike and a Cargo Trike. The bike has three wheels, so getting on the bike and driving away is just as easy as with the Cargo Trike when it’s in the carve-lock position. When you cycle, simply remove the carve-lock and move easily through the city.

Pedal assistance

Centaur bikes are available with three types of pedal assistance. If you use the bike for short distances or as an advertising tool, then you can choose for a regular bike without pedal assistance. If you regularly move heavy goods, then choose for a bike with pedal assistance on the back wheel or a mid-drive motor. A mid-drive motor makes it even easier to cycle up hills and the pedal assistance feels natural.


Three options are available for changing the appearance of the box. The Cargo Trike 300 has a wooden box, giving the bike a traditional look. The Cargo Bike 205 and 315 and the Cargo Trike 500 are made from flight case material. Our product developers have created a new series of boxes for the Cargo Bike, Cargo Trike and Cargo Trike Swing. The box shape and volume is based on user experiences in the field. The solid materials which make up the box make your bike a real eye-catcher.
Do you need help making the right choice? Make an appointment for a test drive at our office in Amersfoort.