Frequently Asked Questions

An overview of the most frequently asked questions

  • How do I know which bike suits me?

    We are happy to schedule an appointment to discuss your wishes. If you prefer a particular model, we can make an appointment to visit you to show this model. If you are interested in trying several bikes, you are welcome at our office in Amersfoort. Here you can also see and try out our various models. Send an e-mail at centaur@centaurcargo.nl to make an appointment.

  • Are all models on the website?

    Centaur Cargo is continuously developing new transport solutions. It is therefore possible that the perfect solution for you is not yet on our website. In a personal meeting we like to discuss developments and tailor-made solutions.

  • Two or three-wheeler?

    Choosing between a two-wheeler or a tricycle is a fundamental choice. A cargo bike with two wheels cycles similar to a regular bicycle and is approx. 70 cm wide. It has less resistance due to two instead of three wheels and is therefore suitable for cycling long distances. The bike is agile and very suitable to use in a busy city.

    A tricycle with three wheels gives a lot of strength and stability when stationary.. This allows you to step on and off easily if, for example, you have to deliver something. Because the weight is divided over two front wheels, this bike is very suitable for transporting larger volumes.

  • Can I use the cargo bike on the bike path?

    In the Netherlands, bicycles with two wheels may not be wider than 0.75 meters and bicycles with three wheels not wider than 1.50 meters. With all bicycles from Centaur Cargo you can drive on a bike path in the Netherlands! The bicycles with three wheels, which are wider than 0.75 meters, may also use the roadway.

  • What does Centaur Cargo mean?

    A Centaur is a figure from Greek mythology that consists of half man and half horse. A mythical figure that can move fast through the city, just like our bikes. Centaur Cargo: A workhorse that can transport all your goods!

  • What is the relationship to Babboe?

    We are a young, enthusiastic spin-off from Babboe BV. Babboe celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017 and is the European market leader in family cargo bikes. Centaur Cargo uses these years of knowledge and experience to provide the business community and government agencies with smart, affordable ‘last mile solutions’.

  • How does it work with warranty?

    Alle garantievoorwaarden voor een fiets van Centaur Cargo kunt u hier vinden.

    Garantievoorwaarden Centaur Cargo BV – 2018

    To qualify for a guarantee, it is important that you have a service performed after the first 100 kilometers. This consists of the following parts: adjustment gear, braking adjustment, checking spoke and chain tension and lubricating moving parts. During the warranty period of the cargo bike we come to your location to repair the cargo bike free of charge, provided this is covered by the warranty.

Is your question not listed?

Contact one of Centaur Cargo’s employees.