Centaur Cargo Trike XL: high volume transporting

A comfortable and stable cargo bike

The Centaur Trike 850 litres is specially designed for city-wide delivery routes with many stops and starts. The stability of the three-wheeled cargo bike allows you to easily get on and off when delivering a package. Traffic lights are no longer a problem; you can easily set off with a full box.

Powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor
Innovative and sturdy box
Extra strong battery

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Innovative and sturdy box

The composite box with a capacity of 850 litres is developed based on user experiences while making deliveries in the field. Created by and with our customers! The box is equipped with additional bumpers on the front and side, allowing you to move safely through traffic. The sturdy lid makes the box easy to use; delivery people can easily access packages both in the front and the back of the box.

 Highly visible thanks to two bright, fully integrated headlights.
A compartment for the storage of personal effects is mounted on the box.
Bumpers on the front and side

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This stable three-wheeler is ideal for transporting high volumes through the busy city streets.

The cleverly designed box ensures that you can transport high volumes easily.

Advanced pedal assistance

The Yamaha mid-drive motor together with the Nuvinci stepless shifting system adjusts the amount of assistance depending on the power that you apply yourself. It gives stability when you’re cycling and feels very natural. This bike is only available with a mid-drive motor.


Your company logo on the box

Have the box printed with your own company logo, and your company will be visible throughout the entire city. When ordering multiple boxes, it is possible to have the box painted in a colour of your choosing. Your business cargo bike becomes a moving advertisement!

Powerful brakes

The hydraulic brake pads provide extreme braking power. When using hydraulic brakes, the pressure in the cable is increased by compressing the braking fluid. The Trike XL stands still in no time!»

Technical specifications – Centaur Cargo Trike XL

Bike dimensions: 225 x 87 x 105 cm
Box dimensions: 107 x 87 x 95 cm
Volume box: 850 liter
Box material: Composite
Maximum load box: 100 kg
Maximum saddle load: 100 kg
Brakes front/rear: Hydraulic disk brakes
Gears: Nuvinci 330
Wheel size front / rear 20 / 26 inch
Lighting: System
Motor: Yamaha
Power: 250 Watt
Battery power: 500 Watt hour