Centaur Cargo Trike Swing: Multifunctional and powerful

Unique cycling experience

Combine the best of both worlds. This Trike Swing combines the stability and box volume of a stable three-wheeler with the responsive manoeuvrability of a two-wheeler. The carve-mechanism offers you a unique cycling experience and excellent stability on the road. Negotiate turns comfortably with the large box. When cycling, use the carve-function and when standing still, set the ‘carve-lock’ so you can easily step on and off the bike.

Unique carve mechanism
Powerful mid-drive motor
Maintenance-free shifting system
Large vehicle range


Solid box with designer look

The plastic box is specially designed for an optimal volume capacity on this bike. The box is available with a capacity of 600 or 950 litres, depending on which goods need to be transported. The box features a unique opening, opening at the side and top side of the box in one fluid movement.  When designing the box, special consideration was given to the dimensions used for most retail crates. These are easy to stack and deliver.

Perfect for transporting retail crates
Volume capacity of 600 or 950 litres
Unique box opening

Combine the best of both worlds:

Discover the unique cycling experience with the carve-mechanism and stability on the road.

Advanced pedal assistance

The Trike Swing is equipped with advanced pedal assistance thanks to the powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor with force sensor and maintenance-free and stepless shifting system.

Various boxes

The boxes are available in different sizes. This bike has a choice of a flight case box with a volume of 500 litres and a plastic box containing 600 or 900 litres.

Powerful brakes

The hydraulic brake pads provide extreme braking power.  When using hydraulic brakes, the pressure in the cable is increased by compressing the braking fluid.

Technical specifications – Centaur Cargo Trike Swing

Bike dimensions: 500: 216 x 85 x 110 cm / 950: 280 x 85 x 110 cm
Box dimensions 500: 97 x 92 x 84 cm / 950: 180 x 89 x 95 cm
Volume box: 500 liter / 950 liter
Material box: Synthetic material with honeycomb structure
Maximum load of box: 100 kg
Maximale saddle load: 100 kg
Brakes front/rear: Hydraulic disc brake / Hydraulic disc brake
Wheel front/rear 20 / 26 inch
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Centaur Cargo Trike Swing Electric

Lighting Battery
Gears: Shimano Acera 7 sp
Motor: GWA
Power: 250 Watt
Battery power: 374 Watt hour
Electric pedal assistance action radius: 40 to 60 km

Centaur Cargo Trike Swing Midmotor

Lighting: System integrated
Gears: Nuvinci 330
Motor: Yamaha
Power: 250 Watt
Battery power: 400 or 500 Watt hours