Centaur Clean: to keep the city clean

Anyone can keep the city clean

This stable three-wheeler is the ideal transportation vehicle for keeping the city clean. The electric cargo bike comes equipped with a box with two openings for depositing waste and garden waste. You can access every park, street and alley and thanks to the electric pedal assistance, you can easily travel long distances. The Trike Clean is easily set on a parking brake and the bike remains in balance even when the box is full. This makes the bike easy to use for everyone.

Two special lids in the box
Electric pedal assistance
Special parking brake


Clean box

The box is equipped with a wooden top lid. Here you will find two openings where you can deposit the waste or garden waste. You can attach your own rubbish bags inside the box. A litter picker is attached to the side of the box, so you can keep the city even cleaner. There is also a broom bracket attached to the side of the box for easy carrying of other equipment.

The cargo bike for a clean city

With this cargo bike, anyone can keep the city clean!


Advanced pedal assistance

The bike is available as a regular bike or with electric assistance to support you even better.

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1 or 2 lids

The box comes as a standard with 2 lids. A box with 1 large opening can be manufactured upon request.

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Easy-to-use parking brake

The Centaur Trike Clean features sturdy drum brakes. The bike also comes equipped with a special parking brake. This allows you to park the Trike easily and prevents the cargo bike from rolling away

Technical specifications – Centaur Cargo Trike Clean

Dimensions bike: 217 x 88 x 110 cm
Dimensions box: 90 x 58 x 53 cm
Volume box: 300 liter
Material box: Durable plywood
Maximum load box: 100 kg
Maximum saddle load: 100 kg
Brakes front/rear: Sturmey Archer drum brake / Shimano Rollerbrake
Gears: Shimano 7-speed
Wheel front/rear 20 / 26 inch
Lighting: Battery
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Centaur Cargo Trike Electric

Motor: GWA
Power: 250 Watt
Battery power: 374 Watt hour
Electric pedal assistance action radius: 40 to 60 km