Centaur Cargo Bike: rapidly through the city

Efficient transport with a powerful mid-drive motor.

This fast two-wheeler will take you to every corner of the city in no time. Move easily and efficiently through the busy streets, even with a full box. The two-wheeled cargo bike is equipped with advanced pedal assistance thanks to the powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor with force sensor and maintenance-free and stepless shifting system. This gives the pedal assistance a natural feel and allows you to easily bike long distances.

Powerful mid-drive motor
Maintenance-free shifting system
Powerful battery

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Ideal bike for all your business needs

Whether you’re transporting small goods or large packages, there is always a suitable box available for you. For smaller packages, you can choose a box with a volume of 315 litres, made from flight case material.¬† Large packages can be transported on a two-wheeler with a composite box containing 350 litres.

Choice between flight case or composite box
Extra sturdy lock

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Available in different versions

Advanced pedal assistance

The Nuvinci stepless shifting system and the force sensor allows the powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor to adjust the level of assistance based on how much force you apply with your own legs.

Flightcase Bakfiets

Various boxes in different sizes

The boxes made from flight case material have a volume of 315 litres. These boxes have an opening in the top and are easy to use. The solid composite box has a volume of 350 litres and is equipped with an opening near the handlebars.

Powerful brakes

The hydraulic brake pads provide extreme braking power. When using hydraulic brakes, the pressure in the cable is increased by compressing the braking fluid. You and your goods will be standing still in no time!

Technical specifications – Centaur Cargo Bike (non-electric)

Bike dimensions: 255 x 65 x 110 cm
Box dimensions: 315: 99 x 72 x 58 cm /
350: 103 x 74 x 63 cm
Box volume: 315 liter / 350 liter
Box material: Synthetic material with honeycomb structure
Maximum box load: 80 kg
Maximum saddle load: 100 kg
Front/rear brakes: Shimano Rollerbrake / Shimano Rollerbrake
Gears: Nexus 7
Front/rear wheel size: 20 / 26 inch
Lighting: Battery

Centaur Cargo Bike Midmotor

Gears: Nuvinci 330
Front/rear brakes: Discbrake / Discbrake
Motor: Yamaha
Power: 250 Watt
Battery power: 400 of 500 Watt-hours
Lighting: System