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  • Centaur Cargo Bike

    Efficient transport of goods in an urban environment.

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  • Centaur Cargo Trike XL

    High volume transporting through the busy city streets.

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  • Centaur Cargo Trike Swing

    Multifunctional, with a strong motor and powerful battery.

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  • Centaur Cargo Trike

    Three-wheeler with excellent value for money.

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  • Centaur-Cargo-Clean2
    Centaur Cargo Clean

    Keep the city clean with the Centaur Clean.

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  • Event_vrijstaand_grjis
    Centaur Cargo Event Bike

    A speciale cargo bike for special events

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Efficient transport of goods

Centaur Cargo Bike

From €1779,- (excl. VAT)

This fast two-wheeler will take you to every corner of the city in no time. Move easily and efficiently through the busy streets, even with a full box.

Powerful mid-drive motor
Maintenance-free shifting system
Powerful battery

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  • Centaur_BigXL

A comfortable and stable cargo bike

Centaur Cargo Trike XL

From €4599,- (excl. VAT)

The Centaur Trike 850 litres is specially designed for city-wide delivery routes with many stops and starts. The stability of the three-wheeled cargo bike allows you to easily step on and off when delivering a package. Traffic lights are no longer a problem; you can easily set off with a full box.

 Design box of 850 liter
 Driving comfort guaranteed
 Extra powerful battery

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Unique cycling experience

Centaur Cargo Trike Swing

From €3839,- (excl. VAT)

Combine the best of both worlds. This Trike Swing combines the stability and box volume of a stable three-wheeler with the responsive manoeuvrability of a two-wheeler.

Volume capacity of 600 or 950 litres
Perfect for transporting retail crates
Unique cycling experience

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Traditional three-wheeler with excellent value for money

Centaur Cargo Trike

From €1409,- (excl. VAT)

A robust, traditional three-wheeler with excellent value for money. The Centaur Cargo Trike can handle any traffic and brings you everywhere in the city.

 Boxes available in 265 or 300 liter
 Suitable for every cyclist
Advanced pedal assistance

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  • Trike_wit
  • Trike_klep_open2
  • Centaur-Cargo-Clean2

Keep the city clean with the Centaur Clean.

Centaur Cargo Trike Clean

From €1739,- (excl. VAT)

This stable three-wheeler is the ideal transportation vehicle for keeping the city clean. The electric cargo bike comes equipped with a box with two openings for depositing waste and garden waste.

Attach your own rubbish bags inside the box
Equipped with two handy valves
Standard with 2 lids

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The cargo bike for every event or presentation.

Centaur Cargo Event Bike

Coming soon

Are you regularly to be found at an event or would you like to sell goods on location? Then the Centaur event cargo bikes are the choice for you. You can load your cargo bike at home and arrive at the event or location simply by cycling there. 

With innovative and foldable countertop
Customisable to your tastes
Various models

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  • Centaur Cargo Event

Custom-made solutions

We work together with large customers to create the perfect cargo bike for their organisation. What type of box works best for your users, and which accessories are essential when you’re underway? Working together to create the best Last Mile Delivery Solutions.

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